How we work

  • Perhaps you and your partner are planning to divorce and want to avoid the emotional and financial cost of litigation…..
  • Maybe you and your siblings have been arguing about how to share the responsibilities of caring for your aging Mom….
  • Or, maybe your 20-something “boomeranger” child has moved back home again to save money and you’ve found yourself arguing over expenses and conflicting values…
  • Perhaps you and your boss or business partner are in conflict and would like to resolve the problem so you can continue to work together…

These are just examples of the types of conflicts we will mediate for you. Rather than hire an attorney, expend hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal fees, mediation is a highly effective, legally binding, low-cost way of settling disputes.

And MediationLine offers three tiers of flexible mediation services: Online mediation, do-it-yourself mediation, and in-person mediation.

Getting Started: Begin With a Free Mediation Consultation

When you contact MediationLine you will immediately get the personal attention you expect. Our service can be accessed anywhere in the country by just picking up the phone, or by sending us an email.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation to meet with us in our New York City office, or contact us to set up a multi-party conference or video conference call.   It’s our way of getting to know each other and to answer all of your questions about mediation, how MediationLine works and how we can best work together.

During the first consultation, we’ll ask you some questions about you and your case so we can get a better sense of your goals for resolution.  Then, we’ll outline a mediation strategy that’s efficient, affordable and effective for you.   That strategy may include online, do-it-yourself, or in-person mediation, or a combination of methods, depending on the complexity of your case, your location, your financial circumstances and the mediation strategy in which you expressed an interest.

Shortly after your initial consultation, usually within 24 hours, we will email you a written summary of our discussion along with a proposal outlining what we felt would the best mediation strategy for you based on the circumstances you’ve described.  Of course, ultimately, the decision of how you would like to proceed is always yours, and we will always try our best to accommodate your needs and interests.

Why Choose Us?

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of how our service works, we want to address what we are certain is a question that’s been on your mind:  Why should I choose MediationLine?  It’s easy to find mediators on the web, but how do I know if they’re qualified and how do I know if they’ll be able to handle my case?

MediationLine’s certified Mediators and professional partners are carefully screened to insure that we deliver a consistently high level of service that we know you expect. Most all of our Mediators are also licensed attorneys, psychologists, clinical social workers, and financial planners who have advanced training and certification in one or more areas of mediation.

We don’t accept just anyone to join our team of esteemed Mediators. Our Mediators have substantial prior experience in their respective fields and in mediation, and may have independent practices.  But they have elected to partner with MediationLine because they believe in the mission of providing efficient and affordable conflict resolution services to a wide range of people.

Because we are committed to delivering quality professional service, if at any time you are either dissatisfied with your mediation plan or with your Mediator, we will switch your Mediator at no charge to you.