Elder Care & Caregiver Mediation

Elder care mediation is designed to help families make decisions about the care of an aging parent. These decisions can involve such things as a parent’s living arrangements, finances, family communication, health and medical options, or estate-planning matters.  Elder care mediation is a good option when family caregivers feel burnt out or left out, when someone is thinking about starting a guardianship proceeding, or when adult children are concerned about a parent’s ability to continue living alone and need to discuss the options.

Mediation most often takes place with all family members involved, including the elderly parent.  By taking advantage of MediationLine’s online videoconferencing technology such as Skype, we will work with each member of your party to fully link everyone together so that each member of your family is engaged in the important decisions regarding the aging parent.

MediationLine will provide you with all of the equipment needed to participate in your mediation, should that become necessary.  It can also be a conversation among adult siblings (without the parent present) for issues relating to the parent’s aging.

As families age, our roles change. Any time there is a reorganization of roles, there is a change of expectations, both for ourselves and for others. While it is normal for families to evolve, these changes can be stressful, and difficult conversations may require careful communication to provide optimal outcomes.

We can work with your family to communicate more effectively, to work together as a team, and to make better-informed decisions relating to your parent. Our Mediators are sensitive to the needs of elders and their families and are specifically trained in elder mediation.

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