Petra Maxwell is the go-to attorney/mediator who I consult regarding all family law issues. She is highly competent, personable and sensitive to nuance. She values the impact of the psychotherapeutic relationship in preventing and reducing trauma during family upheavals requiring legal intervention. Petra is an effective and successful mediator who can tolerate a lot of affect and collaborates where appropriate.

LouAnn Smith, LCSW, New York, NY

Whether your conflict involves family, work, or a partner, today I think there’s no quicker and more cost effective way to resolve your issues than mediation. And Petra Maxwell, in my opinion, is among the best because you can trust her. Petra, a Harvard Law grad, cuts to the chase with clear, concise legal advice that not only saved me time and money, but helped expedite my divorce in a way that benefitted both me and my family.

David, Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Maxwell’s skills and dedication as a commercial mediator are the finest available. She was able to help us in reaching a quick resolution to our contested and complex business litigation.

A. Gutman, Esq., Queens, NY

Divorce is a painful process on many different levels, but having a mediator who is professional, impartial, and knowledgeable can make one of the most difficult times in your life a little easier to deal with. Ms. Maxwell brings all of these qualities to the mediation table as she helps couples transition into a new phase of life.

M.J., New York, NY

Petra made the process of separating very easy for us in terms of understanding it all as a whole: financially, emotionally and spiritually. She worked with us step by step until we felt comfortable to make decisions. Because she’s comfortable working online, she was able to move the process forward while my husband and I were in separate places and on the road. It was easy. She was always available and has such a caring and compassionate way of dealing with this very difficult issue. She brought so much more than mediation, she made suggestions and gave us sound advice while we went through this process. I am so grateful to have found her as she helped us through this very difficult transition. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

B.A., New York City