Small Business Mediation

Small businesses are almost like marriages.  They are close partnerships between individuals where conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings frequently occur.  When there’s a breakdown in the partnership – whether between founding members, or between employer and employee, or between co-workers – mediation is a great way to bring parties together to talk through their differences and work out a satisfactory solution to the conflict.  In many cases, the mere process of negotiating can help everyone move forward and resume their former professional relationship.

If reconciliation is not possible, then the parties can meet with one of our Mediator Lawyers to present their issues openly and privately, and negotiate a resolution that will settle the matter quickly and equitably.

Petra Maxwell, as well as several members of he Mediationline community, are skilled commercial mediators with extensive experience working with entrepreneurs, partnerships, major corporations, real estate and development firms, non-profits and arts organizations.

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