Our Fee Structure

You will find that mediation is far more cost effective than litigation because it offers both a streamlined way to resolve legal conflicts, and because all parties involved share the cost of one mediator rather than pay individual attorneys to handle their claims. Rather than have a legal case drag on for several months or even years, and incur tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, a mediated dispute can usually be resolved in anywhere from one to ten sessions, depending on the complexity of the case.

More importantly, no matter which mediation strategy you go with – online, DIY or in-person — mediation will allow you to resolve and finally settle your dispute in a manner that will save you a great deal of emotional heartache and stress.

Online Mediation, in which our certified mediators connect all parties engaged in your dispute together for a mediated dialogue, cost $210/hour. Sessions are usually one hour long, and we conclude by giving each member homework assignments in order to make the process move along as efficiently as possible. As you conclude your mediation and move toward resolution, MediationLine’s Mediator-Attorneys will draft your final agreement for you and circulate it for final signature and approval.

Do-It-Yourself Mediation – our most affordable option – allows you to select the level of guidance you’d like from us. During your free consultation session, we will determine together whether you feel comfortable performing your mediation session with our guidebooks alone, or with more regular oversight from us. In either case, we will check in with you to make sure you are proceeding toward resolution. For DIY Mediation, we try to construct a flat fee for you. Packages start as low as $299, which includes all of the necessary guidebooks, legal forms, negotiation strategies and regular intervention calls with a certified mediator to assist you and the other parties to your dispute that will help you succeed.

In-Person Mediation, in which you hold regular office visits with a certified MediationLine Mediator is the traditional package of services we offer. Whether you live in New York City or elsewhere, you will be paired with a skilled Mediator who is trained to handle your specific type of conflict. The average cost for this service is $275/hour. Some regional differences may apply.