Small Business Mediation in New York City

New York City Small Business Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services

Trained Mediator-Lawyers at Mediationline offers NYC-based small- and medium sized businesses an alternative way to negotiate business matters and resolve legal disputes without having to hire a lawyer.

Small, family-owned businesses are the fastest growing sector of our economy right now.  They can be exciting and richly rewarding, but can be fraught with challenges. The lines between personal and professional are easily blurred, so conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings frequently occur.  When there’s a breakdown in the partnership – whether between founding members, or between employer and employee, or between co-workers – mediation is a great way to bring parties together to talk through their differences and work out a satisfactory solution to the conflict.  In many cases, the mere process of negotiating can help everyone move forward and resume their former professional relationship.

If reconciliation is not possible, then the parties can meet with one of our Mediator Lawyers to present their issues openly and privately, and negotiate a resolution that will settle the matter quickly and equitably.

Petra Maxwell, as well as several members of the Mediationline community, are skilled commercial mediators with extensive experience working with entrepreneurs, partnerships, major corporations, real estate and development firms, non-profits and arts organizations.  They are adept at connecting all relevant parties – whether it be in-person or online – in order to hold productive mediation sessions to discuss such topics as partnership agreements, construction contracts, employment disputes, landlord-tenant matters, and consulting agreements.

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