Family Mediation

Today’s families are becoming increasingly complex.  As teens negotiate the transition between childhood and adult life and begin to establish independence, there are almost always conflicts between them and their parents, or among siblings. Many teens feel like they are not being listened to or respected. They do not realize that their parents often feel the same way.

As parents remarry and merge households, blending families can create huge disruptions for children and their parents.  What may be viewed as a joyful event for a couple, may be viewed as a loss for their children.

Similarly, in today’s economy, it is becoming increasingly common for older children – so called “boomerangers” –  to return home after college for financial reasons.  Under these circumstances, parents and children often realize that their lifestyles and values now clash, or that they may have conflicting expectations regarding move-out deadlines, chores and finances.

Our Mediators are skilled at connecting family members to help facilitate a constructive, goal-oriented dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  We help parties address such issues such as chores, school, friends, music, clothes, communication, expected financial contributions, privacy, independence, dating, sexual orientation, standoffs with step-parents or similar issues. In a matter of one or more sessions with a mediator, families can devise a family agreement that will outline rules, responsibilities and goals for the future.  More importantly, the process of working with a mediator allows family members to express their concerns openly and build good communication skills.

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