Do-It-Yourself Mediation

Maybe you feel your conflict is a bit simpler and you’d like to try to handle it yourself, but with guidance from one of our mediators. Perhaps you’re contemplating divorce, for example, and don’t have children but you only need to negotiate a fair division of assets. Or maybe you just need some assistance in negotiating effectively with an aging parent around health care options. We can design a conflict resolution or negotiation strategy for you, provide you with all the tools you need and look over your shoulder to assist you whenever you get stuck.

As always, we’ll hold an initial free consultation with you to better understand your concerns. Then, we will help create a mediation strategy for you that will best meet your personal and financial goals. We’ll build a personalized package for you comprised of guidebooks, homework and negotiation strategy tools and will hold brief strategy calls with you to be sure you are on track and to offer assistance if you get stuck. Most importantly, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you have a mediation expert looking over your shoulder every step of the way. Interested in Do-It-Yourself Mediation? Call us to set up a free assessment session or to find out more.