Divorce and Separation Mediation

Many separating and divorcing couples turn to mediation because it is less expensive and less adversarial than a traditional, litigated divorce. Divorce and separation mediation has been shown to be better for the children because, parents must design a parenting plan that is reasonable and comfortable for everyone concerned. And it allows you to remain in the driver’s seat while you make important life decisions, rather than delegating them to a lawyer or a judge.

Most divorce mediations will help you negotiate a legal agreement that addresses some of these basic issues:

  • How to divide the property you own together
  • Whether either of you will support the other after the divorce
  • How you will parent your children
  • How you will make decisions regarding your children
  • How you will each support the children financially

Our divorce Mediators assist you and your current spouse work through these important decisions together.

Because MediationLine has lawyers on staff, once your mediation is finished, we can draft your settlement agreement and all of the divorce papers for you in preparation for filing in court.

Separation Mediation / LGBT Families

Many of the issues faced by couples when going through a separation or divorce, often arise for same-sex couples and couples who are not married.  You must decide how you will divide any property you own together and, if you have children, how you will structure your parenting time, how you will support them financially, and how you will make decisions for them. The law is constantly changing in regard to LGBT families, and it differs from state to state.  We work diligently to keep abreast of the regulations and new developments in this field.  We have experience in addressing the diverse needs of all of today’s families with sensitivity and understanding.

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